The Mapper output window

Here is a typical Mapper output from one of the toy examples (the horse):


General navigation

See here: Navigation in the figure windows

Node highlighting

  • Click on a node to highlight it.

  • Shift-Click allows to select and de-select multiple nodes.


    Mapper output window with several highlighted nodes.

  • Click on the white background to reset the selection.

  • Keyboard navigation

    • L selects all nodes in the same level set(s) as the currently highlighted node(s).
    • < moves to the next lower level set.
    • > moves to the next higher level set.
  • When 2- or 3-dimensional data is displayed, the data points in the selected nodes are highlighted accordingly.


    Data points in the selected nodes above are highlighted.

  • The identities of the selected data points can be saved to a file, see Save highlighted nodes below.